Arròs L’Estany de Pals is a small family business devoted to cultivating, processing and packaging rice. We produce our rice using agri-environmental methods, sun-drying, painstaking processing and our own packaging, no colourants or preservatives being added.

We are based in the town of Pals, where rice cultivation was the chief economic activity not so long ago, and so our rice-growing tradition has been handed down from one generation to the next for a long time.

Nowadays, with globalization upon us, getting products that are as select and carefully produced as our rice to stand out as different is difficult: the end consumer is often suspicious about the origin of the rice or the veracity of the label's claims; and so we hope that this website will serve to inform and guide everyone regarding what we do, why we do it that way, and where we are based, so that the people here in this district, in the country as a whole and indeed everywhere in the world can enjoy a unique rice, harvested and produced by us.